There are different types of axes that can be used for any outdoor activity. If you're planning to go on a long camping trip or outdoor excursion, it's a must that you be familiar with the different kinds of axes in the market today, their various purposes, and how to handle and keep them safely. It's important that you get to choose the right handy tool to bring on the expedition so you are able to get the most out of it, and would make your outdoor tasks a whole lot easier.

Contrary to common knowledge, an axe is not just for cutting wood to be used for fire. It can also be used as a survival instrument, as a weapon, as a butchering tool for wild animals - mainly to protect yourself from getting mauled by them and at the same time, you've got extra meat to eat - among others. However, there are different types of axes suited for various usages or purpose. If you want to read more continue below:

The standard type or normal axe. This axe is the most popular one since most homeowners prefer to keep this in their garage or shed. Generally used for cutting down trees and wood since it's quite heavy and rugged; but in reality, such practice is not really advised since it can dull the sharp edges quickly.

The splitting axe. This one doesn't necessarily have a sharp edge since it's only used to split wood, and it comes in a wide variety of shapes, brands, and sizes. If what you're looking for is the best splitting axe available in the market, make sure to read up on the different types of splitting axes as well as their comparisons and splitting axe reviews before you actually make your purchase. By doing so, you would be armed with the necessary knowledge as to which one would be perfect for the job; plus you get to make the right purchase too. You can check out the  husqvarna splitting maul review here.

A felling axe would be perfect if you plan to cut down live trees. They are manufactured in different shaft lengths and head weights to ensure safety and ease of use.

Camping axes are meant to cut wood in little parts so it can be easily carried and used for a campfire. It can also be used to cut down shrubs and nail tents down on the ground efficiently. This type of axe is designed to be lightweight and of just the right size for easy wielding and carrying. Visit to read more about this.